Principal’s Message


Our Vision

The vision of our D.Ed. College is to enhance the capabilities of students for the fulfillment of their need of being better human beings. Our vision is to create a teacher who can bridge the gap between the generations and participate in nation building.


Our Principal

Our D.Ed. College creates a platform for the future teachers. Teachers who are the bridges between the generations, who provide the healthy background of culture, education and ethics for the future generation, are created in our college.
I am very proud to be a principal of such institute which itself creates not only the teachers but also the complete human being.
In our college the personality development is our main mission. We need to create a perfect personality that inherits both IQ and EQ and itself provides an idol for the generations to come.
Along with studies we also focus on the curricular and extra-curricular activities of students and provide them various intellectual and emotional stimuli.





What Our Students Say

First of all thanks to my (D.D.vispute D.TEd) college, because I learned a lot of things from my college. It was not only a college but a Home for us... Premises and environment in college was healthy, wealthy and wise.. Our Chairman(Vispute Sir) and professors were supportive and encouraged us in all things to grow up..

Pradip jadhav


It was the one of the best experience of studying in D. D Vispute College because of highly motivated teachers, friendly atmosphere, very good Organisation. The teachers are very competent and help us in teaching learning process. It is an unforgettable experience to study in D. D Vispute College. Today I am working as assistant teacher in Raigad Zillha Parishad Government School and all my classmates also got jobs in schools because of the D. D Vispute College. So thank you so much.

Dhanashri Mhatre

Assistant Teacher in, Raigad Zillha Parishad Government School

Vispute college of D.Ed is the place where eternal values are cultivated in young and impressionable minds. The students are shaped into caring,courageous, committed and capable citizen of the world. It's the college where we can not only study we develop our personality. Their infrastructure is also good. Teaching and Non teaching staff also very co operative. I Satisfied with Vispute college.

Amruta Patil


I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my college (D.D. Vispute) for there guidance, different way of teaching, providing freedom to think in our on way during project making etc. Today I am working assistant teacher in one of the prestigious school and all this is because I am receiving continuous feedback and guidance on career opportunities from my college.

Shipra dubey

Assistant Teacher, School